Again thank you for a great time last night.  Definitely a very different energy in session with you than any other session I’ve been in. I’ve never really been myself with a domme before.  I think I showed you my true colors – sarcastic and witty and most importantly playful and game.

First off, since I know everyone likes compliments (myself included) I have to say you are MUCH prettier than your pictures suggest.  Not to say you don’t look beautiful in your photos, which you do, but you are truly stunning in person.  So you have that going for you…. Your sense of playfulness and sense of humor immediately put me at ease – and I think this was good for a first time session.

No doubt our bevy of emails leading up to our night made things between the two of us slightly more familiar.  You’re pretty good at the email thing too. 😉 I wasn’t sure what to totally expect with you, but I knew it would be unlike any session I have had before.  As mentioned, I’ve seen dommes in the past, but never one who was your intellectual equal – and that is a huge part of this for me.  I feel like I can imagine any scenario and I am quite capable at anticipating as well which way the roller-coaster will usually twist and turn – this time I truly didn’t know when to grab the safety bar and hold on for dear life!  I enjoyed the dress-up, and the finished product (me), and you left me wondering things like: “how far I could go with this whole sissy thing?”  “Could I pass with the right sissy dress or maid’s uniform?”  “Where does this lead and how far am I willing to go to be a true sissy?”  I don’t have the answers to these questions yet, but want to find out more and I think you’re the right person to show me.

I was thinking more about our time together last night and this morning and it was really interesting as this wasn’t a session where I shut down and become a quiet and compliant little plaything, but now that I am several hours removed from it I trust your instincts that this was the right first step to my subservience and conversely your dominance.  What I mean is, the other dommes that I’ve seen come in wielding a crop and a will and coldly tell me I’m “lowly c….” and then order me around etc, but in the end it feels fase.  What I am coming to learn is that the verisimilitude of the scene relies more on the psychological dominance exerted more than the ability to slap on some cuffs and crack a whip (which ps I’m sure you more than capable of expertly doing). To get to that level it takes the time to build a trusting relationship where I am able to allow myself to fall into that space within someone else’s world. What I’m trying to say is: for the level of gratification that I need, having a singular domme in an ongoing relationship is what I need and covet.  Yes, this is a long way of saying I will be scheduling with you again.  🙂

I hope my thoughts weren’t too rambling, but I’m still awash in the glow of last night.

yours for the foreseeable future,


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