Travel Sessions

Travel can be a delightful adventure and with the right companion,
an extraordinary ride that one will never forget.
I am more than happy to travel with, or to clients with whom I have an established rapport or with the following compensation:

– Base Travel Compensation:

– Client will send funds in advance for
Business Class or better airfare
– Client will cover costs of
accommodations and food during travel

– Additional Daily Travel Compensation:

$500 for 4 hours of play each day  throughout the length of the trip
$1,000 for 12 hours of play each day throughout the length of the trip
(Mistress is of course able to play with client(s) longer then these time allotments at her leisure based on chemistry and her personal enjoyment.)
*Clients will be expected to be respectful and courteous at all times and to ALWAYS respect Mistress’ boundaries.

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