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Play Piercing Class


I LOVED the piercing class last night!!!

I REALLY want to thank you for making my first play party fantastic~!!
It was exactly what I needed as my catalyst for the next classes and parties to come! You made it perfect!

Thank you, Mistress!!!


Blood Lust Performance Write Up

Ok, you waited for the dish! (I’ve been too crazy busy the last five days to even go on the computer very much…!)

I went to Tara Indiana’s birthday bash (cutely named ‘Cinderfella’ party and ‘Slave Olympics’.) I was going there to meet my friend, a sub/slave who I will nickname “Sub K” who I had the pleasure of playing with many months before when I was still at DD. We kept tabs on one another through Fetlife, and he is a very good soul – honest, honorable – a very good fellow who has the best intentions regarding everyone. We need more people like that…not malicious selfish hearts that corrupt and steal and tear down.

So, wanting to reconnect in person (as well as see Shae Flanigan in work… she was using Sub K in a presentation called “Blood Lust”) I asked for my complimentary invitation. I showed up in all red latex outfit, so tight that it felt more like a corset than a dress. There was a black lightning bolt slashed across it and long black gauntlets with bolts striking down at my palms. Very stylish indeed.

There at the party I met several other Mistresses, including my quite hearted Goddess Helena — as well as some past clients who were wondering where I was since I left DD (I got the distinct impression everyone thought I left the scene just because I don’t shout my existence every day across the internet… interesting.)

A little wine and one Cybil Troy-starred torture video later, I watched as Shae Flanigan took the nervous Sub K (who was jumpy around needles) and proceeded to cut him with needles in such an intricate quiet way, the whole experience felt spiritual. There was no horror, no nausea, just rapt attention as everyone hushed and watched with intense interest.

When she took out suction cups and applied them to cuts (creating a pool of blood in each cup), I watched with gross fascination as the blood rose higher and higher in each cup; one was almost overfilling with it. Sub K was silent, barely moving. Shae had all her attention on him. It was like the audience didn’t exist.

Amazing. Just amazing. This from a person whose hard limits are needles and blood — I couldn’t take my eyes away from the scene.

She took away the cups and the blood spilled all over Sub K’s back – he was crimson, as crimson as a Yakuza tattoo all over his back. With her gloved hands, she spread the blood all over, painting him like an artist.

In the end, it was absolutely mindblowing. I had seen her operate once before… at Dom Con LA that year doing a presentation on mindfucking. It was an unorthodox class — there were no notes, no pens, no boards… it was just her with two submissives and just blowing everyone’s mind in the room. I told her that I thought she was (and is) amazing. She responded by saying that she did needle play for five years (but the first fifteen only observed? I was a bit drunk at this point and couldn’t retain whether if it was fifteen, twelve, or ten. I’m positive it’s one of the three numbers…)

I think that’s amazing and smart and just absolutely the right way of going about it. Observation and learning from practice and theory…these are all important things for a dominant. You can’t jump in and expect to be perfect or experienced right off the bat… especially for dangerous edge play like blood, needles, etc. I admire Shae for being the type of pro-Domina I don’t see much of in the Scene: a practical, wise one that is classic AND classy.

I left the party around 1:30a. I had a photoshoot to get to in the morning, not to forget a 6 hour session with Sub K (what a slut!) I did meet wonderful Mistresses:

-Mistress Eva, who sessions at Den of Iniquity
-Goddess Helena, who is a very wonderful Domme. Intelligent and well spoken, and very experienced.
-Tara Indiana, who is a gracious host and grand-Domme.
-Mistress Cybill B. Troy
-And a few others.. I am terrible with names!

I also met a few subs over there. One of which needs to call me soon. You know who you are!

Whips and chains,
Veronica Volt