No one like you…not even close. – 3.11.2014


Thank you for another fabulous session.

It is always supreme bondage for me.  And your sessions actually build in my memory over time, as I think about them and study pictures. I continue to appreciate how skilled you are. It is just such a treat to spend some time with you, enjoying your beauty ( when I could see) your conversation your presence and best of all being in exquisite tight bondage ( as always).  I really did not challenge this time. Couldn’t get the courage up. Plus we were having such a delightful conversation. ( Loved the music!!!!!)  

Of course you know I have to imagine from your revelation what you look like nude ( I would not be male if I didn’t). But I see you more as a beautiful work of art and sculpture, in a museum or perhaps high end art magazine, nothing less than that.  

I am glad you are finding good causes for you, nothing better than dogs that give so much love.

Thank you once again, just no one like you, not even close. 


The Rush – 5.13.2014

Hi Shae:

It was so nice to speak with today. And, I am so looking forward to seeing you and experiencing that incredible rush with you during our play.  It is beyond exciting for me to venture into the unknown as your faithful, obedient, and “improving” slave.  I simply love it.



I think I express myself better with the written word.:). I know you will totally agree.:)

The Perfect Christmas Gift – 12.25.2013

Confirming our time together is the perfect Christmas card – the 21st is great. 11:30 ish ideal.  I can and will do 3 hours – no matter what. – if that length of time is agreeable to you.

Shae, I am so looking forward to working on the edge as only you, my dear, can do – better than anyone.

Have a good trip to the desert. I will be there also. If a drink arrives at your table, it’s from moi.

Sincere best wishes for the coming year.


Testimonials Part II

I’ve received so many wonderful notes from you that I created a second column for ease of browsing.


The Cat…

Mistress Shae,

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do ‘when I grow up’ but World’s Greatest Professional Domme was already taken by someone, so I guess I’ll have to keep thinking. I don’t know if I told you or not, but I absolutely loved my marks from our last session. It was an amazing experience.

Curiosity is going to kill me as they say, but I’m going to ask anyway, What do you charge for an extended session, like 10 hours, just for a nice round number.

Hope all is well with you.



Memories For A Lifetime

i will remember serving You for the rest of my life. i know i would tell You brief little
mentions of things past.
Now, You will be added to my lifetime memories, both
slave and vanilla, because You are an amazing Woman outside of being a great Dominant Woman.



My deepest thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write and express your thanks for our time together.
I am constantly touched by your openness and grateful for the amazing connections we have forged.
Take care and thank you again for your kind words and our time together…..
Mistress Shae Flanigan