Mistress Shae Bio

I am Mistress Shae Flanigan.


I am a Professional and Lifestyle Dominant, BDSM Educator and Alternative Lifestyle Coach. When not in session, I travel around the country teaching classes in BDSM safety, speaking on college panels and helping people find joy and peace in their lives.

I started at Microsoft at 17 and had an excellent career in technology for 10 years. Be very aware that Domination is my career of choice, not chance.
I have lived an active BDSM Lifestyle for more than 18 years and you will find my experience and love of Lifestyle play shows in everything I do, from my passionate fetish scenes to heavy corporal play, this is who I am, through and through.

You will find me to have a warm demeanor and always perfect manners, but make no mistake, I am a Sadist and my sadism finds many forms of expression. Whatever intellectual or physical “hoops” I create for you to jump through, know that it brings me immense joy to watch you grow beyond your previously conceived notions for my pleasure.

Overall, I classify myself as an energy player and thrive off the connection created during play. No matter the skill level of the person involved or the intensity of the session. “Connection” is truly the only thing that matters.
During our time together, escape from the drudgery and stress of your life, open your body, mind and soul to new experiences, sensations and enjoy a completely different form of freedom, through surrender.