No Shades of Grey

It is crystal clear to the experienced gentleman that Misterss Shae is in a league of her own.  Never in my life have I had an experience like I did with Mistress Shae.  From the moment I saw her she took my breath away and still has it.  Her beauty and demeanor are overpowering and it was an honor to meet her.

To you Misterss Shae, thank you for making every bit of the session perfect. Your attention to detail was amazing and to see you in person, surreal,  Please know I will never forget the sound of your voice, the amazing energy I felt in your presence or how amazingly beautiful you are.  It was a gift to have this experience with you.

Until the next time.

Yours …. m

Philosophy About Play & Sessions

Coming from 11 years as a Lifestyle player before starting my career as a Professional Dominant, I have a different perspective on session times and play.

During our time together you will never see me look at a clock or check times; I play because I love it and adore taking those I session with on journeys of self-exploration, catharsis and deep sub-spaces.

Make no mistake, this life is my passion, so much so, that I left an outstanding 10-year career in technology to pursue this dream and I vow to cherish every moment of it.

I am a Female Dominant, a BDSM Educator, a Sadist and an Energy Player. There is No part of me that views what I do as “service”. Service is what I receive from the incredibly lucky.

I am blessed to make my living doing what I love with the skills I have spent well over a decade learning. However,  if we don’t have chemistry, I won’t take your session.

Life is simply too short.

When the chemistry is right however, I enjoy taking the time to learn the precise combination to crawling deep inside and pushing your physical and mental buttons over an extended session.

I am far from a cookie-cutter Domme and would never assume you to be a cookie-cutter client.

I prefer sessions of at least 2 hours, but understand that finances can be a limiting factor for some, so I will still accept the occasional single hour session. Additionally, I invite you to enjoy my “Tuesday Special” that has been a longtime favorite since first days of The Academy 6 years ago.