Service Skills Training

Service Skills Training

Maid/Butler Training-

A specialized area of training for cleaning, table and party service. Emphasis on protocol levels, posture, discretion, presentation

Boot/Heel Cleaning-

Slaves will start at the bottom and work their way up…. literally; once one area has been sufficiently mastered.

Intensive Slave Training-

A series of extended sessions designed to perfect and hone ones skills in all areas…. this is precisely what it sounds like.

Human Ashtray –

There are few things sexier than a classy woman smoking a cigar and I am no exception to this rule. Learn proper cigar preparation, handling, service and the skills of a human ashtray.

The 1×1 Fitness Program-

Achieving Weight loss goals, diet modification, physical training that will keep you coming back for more

Position Training-

Important for anyone calling himself or herself a slave

Chastity Training-

From a few days to months on end, this is one of my favorite forms of training

Furniture Training-

Tables, footrests, carpets and coat racks apply here

Financial Servitude-

Benefactors always welcome…. Details available upon request.