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Philosophy About Play & Sessions

Coming from 11 years as a Lifestyle player before starting my career as a Professional Dominant, I have a different perspective on session times and play.

During our time together you will never see me look at a clock or check times; I play because I love it and adore taking those I session with on journeys of self-exploration, catharsis and deep sub-spaces.

Make no mistake, this life is my passion, so much so, that I left an outstanding 10-year career in technology to pursue this dream and I vow to cherish every moment of it.

I am a Female Dominant, a BDSM Educator, a Sadist and an Energy Player. There is No part of me that views what I do as “service”. Service is what I receive from the incredibly lucky.

I am blessed to make my living doing what I love with the skills I have spent well over a decade learning. However,  if we don’t have chemistry, I won’t take your session.

Life is simply too short.

When the chemistry is right however, I enjoy taking the time to learn the precise combination to crawling deep inside and pushing your physical and mental buttons over an extended session.

I am far from a cookie-cutter Domme and would never assume you to be a cookie-cutter client.

I prefer sessions of at least 2 hours, but understand that finances can be a limiting factor for some, so I will still accept the occasional single hour session. Additionally, I invite you to enjoy my “Tuesday Special” that has been a longtime favorite since first days of The Academy 6 years ago.

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