Only You

“I really didn’t think that me e-mailing on such short notice would have worked with both of our busy schedules, but somehow, I was able to stop in for an hour. An hour is usually the amount of time it takes for me to be tickled thoroughly, get slightly bored and desensitized, and then leave. What I learned from our session is that I’ve never been properly tickle tortured until I found you. In our session, I was never desensitized, never bored, and could barely stand your fingers and nails all over me.

I consider myself a tickling purist, so to actually be tickled by a woman with a real tickling fetish was 100% noticeable. I’ve never been in such inescapable (yet weirdly comfortable) bondage. I’ve never had my heart beat that hard in anticipation. If i didn’t already make it clear: I lost my mind. The tickling was nonstop and it did NOT take long for you to find all of my buttons. You found the exact amount of pressure to use on my ribs to dig in but not hurt me (too much), the right amount of tickling to make me scream (something I do not do). I’m usually the alpha male in my life, so it was fun to be ridiculed and laughed at. When you found the ticklish spot under my chin and along my neck, I thought for sure I was going to cry.

I will definitely return for a longer session, even though I legitimately fear it. You know my weaknesses better than ever now, and even more after our chat post-session. Thank you for taking care of me and setting the bar way too high so I’ll never be happily tickled again until I come see you.

– N”


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