Mistress' Rules

Mistress’ Rules

Should you wish to be in My service, (whether for a couple hours, or for days or weeks on end,) there are an important set of rules that you will be expected to follow. Should any rules be ignored or disobeyed, O/our time together will come to an immediate end.

1. Clients will be on time to their appointment.

Clients will NOT arrive earlier than their scheduled appointment time and should they be running late, they will notify Mistress Shae via her scheduling line prior to the start of your appointment.

2. Clients will arrive prepared for session.

This entails that the client is:

–  sober and drug-free.

– Well rested, well fed (1.5 hrs in advance) and well hydrated

– Well groomed and free of any alcohol or drug use

If a client is found to be under the influence of any substance O/our time together will come to an end without refund. Period.

3. Clients will respect Mistress’ “Personal Life” boundaries. 

Public sessions and parties which The Mistress has invited the client to are the only occasions during which Mistress will engage with a client outside of sessions.

4. Tributes are for time shared with Mistress Shae Flanigan only. 

In no way is any form of sex or nudity offered or implied. If any client asks for either of these, they will be immediately expelled from Mistress’ Studio without refund.

5. All clients are required to submit a $50 deposit to confirm appointment. 

Deposits can be submitted in the form of an Amazon gift card sent to: Mistress.Shae@gmail.com

Until the client’s deposit has been received, their appointment is unconfirmed and may be given to another client.
*Appointment’s scheduled more than 3 days in advance require additional confirmation in the form of a telephone call, text message or email the day prior to appointment.

6. Phone training and non-scheduling conversations will be conducted through Nite Flirt ONLY.

Mistress is happy to speak with you about a variety of topics however, please be respectful and schedule your phone time with her through Nite Flirt as you would any other appointment.
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– Should you need to cancel your appointment –

Call Mistress Shae to let her know as soon as you are able!

Deposit refunds will be on a case by case basis.

Mistress Shae does not tolerate disrespect in any fashion.

If you cannot be thoughtful enough to cancel or reschedule
you will not be given a second chance.

 – There is NO excuse for having the inability to call –

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