Messy Play (Sploshing) with Mistress Shae

I believe it was best said to me by Mistress Shae herself.  “We in the BDSM world find something we like and continue to branch off like that of a tree”.  My name is irrelevant to any one out there for this article, but who I am is a player in the world of BDSM, a player who is willing to not only try different things, but a player who seeks to be owned and controlled by Mistress Shae.

Searching the net looking for things in our world I came across Mistress Shae’s webpage and knew not only then was she what I was looking for, but she was one Mistress with exquisite taste and dominating beauty.  Looking at her page day after day and emailing back and fourth we finally set a date for a session.  However it was not until later in our meetings that I enquired about messy play. The picture on her page shows Mistress Shae with a wickedly delicious smile and a helpless soul covered in an array of foods, sauces and other assortments.

Mistress Shae informed me that not only was this one of her favorite types of play, but it was one of her absolute specialties.  Mistress Shae and I discussed a meeting a few times and to be honest each time she kept answers to a bare minimum and actually giggled about it.  As saying has it “curiosity killed the cat”.  I was the cat and about to be killed.

Entering the dungeon and being instructed to get undressed, get in the shower, and put on the blindfold was where I realized my world was about to become very, very, messy.  The anticipation was killing me.  Hearing Mistress tap around in her heels outside the door, entering with what sounded like an ice cream cart that of a vendor in the streets I knew I was in for some kind of ride.  My heart was racing and I had no idea what to expect.  Minuets passed by, but seemed like hours and all the while I could her Mistress moving things around, opening things, and her evil laughter telling me “almost there slave be patient”.

I could hear Mistress right in front of me, but could see nothing and then I heard “open your mouth”! As a substance was poured over the top of my head and rubbed in I could feel it slowly work its way down my face and into my mouth.  I will not tell you what it was for that would spoil the secrets of the substances. However, I will tell you that some pull and tug on your skin slowly while others glide like a skate on ice. Mistress always starts high above you and lets each substance work its way over your entire body.  Moreover each one has its own characteristic on how it reacts with you and your body.  After a little time trying out new items Mistress Shae kicks into high gear and gives you no warning for what is about to occur.  The only thing I can tell you is two substances were combined and it was a feeling of frozen volcanic activity if there is such a thing.  My body had a feeling all over it that I never felt before and then a shaking occurred.  Don’t worry people nothing harmful, well only that evil laugh of Mistress teasing and taunting you in everyway imaginable.  Your body actually becomes a canvas for Mistress to craft her artwork on.  And honestly I must say I was so proud to not only be humiliated by Mistress Shae, but to actually become a work of art for her.

Messy play with Mistress Shae is just that, Messy Play.  The scene itself is very erotic in ways of loosing your senses and you having to use others to survive the game.  Mistress Shae will lead you the way and help you explore the full ride.  Her soft touch and sensual rubs will keep you wanting more, however her wickedness will keep you on edge the entire time.  I tried my best to put into words what it is all about, but I do not want to spoil any secrets for anyone wishing to explore this type of play.  Mistress Shae was a delightful teacher and mentor in the scene. Well as delightful as she could be. Let’s be honest people this is not a game for your amusement you are a canvas for Mistress and her canvas is about to get real messy.
Open wide slave!!

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