“Laying Garlic Eggs” At The NYC Halloween Violent Fem Party

(Thank You Letter Sent to Mistress Veronica)
Thank you for another awesome party. It once again seemed to be a big success, and I know I had fun.
It was great meeting Shae and seeing everyone there. It was particularly nice seeing you again.
Of all that occurred, the most lasting effect came from that fish thing you were using! I have bruises on my thighs from that thing! ! Of course, some of it could also be due to Alex’s boots, but I don’t think those are what make the marks, I thing it was that darn fish! I like the way the marks look, I think they’re awesome.
I’ve washed the tights twice, and I think I can still detect a garlic smell!
I think you missed something that happened at the end of the night, just as I was saying goodbye to the crowd outside.
As I turned to leave a large clove fell out from somewhere, I have no idea where. Everyone saw it and said that I was now laying garlic, like a chicken lays eggs.
I picked it up to throw it away but Shae told me to put it in my mouth. Then she made me chew it, and swallow it.
She stood right next to me so that she could hear the garlic being crunched in my teeth, and watched closely to make sure it was swallowed.
That was really aweful.
No matter what I did (brush teeth, floss, mouthwash, whiskey), I tasted that garlic all night — every time I breathed.
Still, it was memorable!
Great party!
Thanks again.

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