Public Humiliation –

I will test your limits and constantly push you further than you ever dreamed possible.

My taste for sport and my imagination know no bounds.


Would you like to become my next delectable treat? Sploshing has been one of the Mistress’ greatest loves for many years.

 If you enjoy sensation play, let the Mistress take your play to new heights.

*Due to the expense of purchasing supplies and the amount of “setup” required, this session is only available with full advance deposit including cost of  supplies.

Fine Dining Adventures –

Sometimes is wonderful to get out of the dungeon and get to know each other a bit more.

Clients who are interested in sharing an evening out on the town together will be kind enough to offer 1/2 tribute as well as any expenses incurred throughout the evening.

Shopping –

Whether for Mistress pampering or as part of another scene, shopping together on an outing, or as one of Mistress’ financial slaves online is always a delightful adventure!

– Outings together: client will pay 1/2 tribute as well as all expenses.

– Online: all shopping together is done through NiteFlirt

– An address will be provided for shipping any gifts purchased upon request.