Below are some of my favorite “active” pursuits…


Stilettos, boots, stocking-clad or bare feet; you will be amazed by the precision in my torments.


Leather, Shackles, Rope, Chain, Tape, Saran or anything else My devious mind decides to play with.

Breath Control-

Restricted supply, Air tubes, KO’s, water torture, or suffocation under my weight

“Appeasement” Games-

Do you dare try to please me?

Body Punching, Kicking and B-Busting-

Now accepting “meat sack” client applications

Sensory Excess-

Severe Tickle Torture, fire play, sploshing, sensory over-stimulation

Sensory Deprivation-

Hoods, sound restriction, encasement, isolation

Severe Tickle Torture-

Hours upon hours of non-stop torture at my fingertips; I know all the right buttons and will read you like a book to know exactly what it takes to push you past your brink over and over again until you are nothing but a quivering puddle….

This is one of My personal Fetishes and it shows.

Water Torture-

Many forms. “Torture” is not an exaggeration

Forced Ingestion-

Whether you are little piggy, into extreme forms of humiliation or only worthy of being my trash receptacle,

I take great joy in this very personal and memorable form of play that will stay with you long after our time together has ended.


Weights, clamps, clothespins, electrical devices, kicking and impact play

Counting with “Motivation”-

Will you be able to keep up, or will you find basic math too difficult for you?

* Suggested only for severe masochists, math majors or those with an intense desire to please.