Roleplay, age-regression, domestic, kidnapping, interrogation
The mind is our greatest playground.
The below areas of psychological domination are some of my personal favorites.

Extreme Interrogation-

 I can work without leaving a trace, taking all from you but the cold memory of My presence seared into your mind

Verbal Humiliation-

Timing is everything. Knowing which buttons to push in which order is the key…. and I hold them all.

Physical Humiliation-

Games, exercises, dress-up, public outings, or shopping excursions, you’ll be put through your paces until I am thoroughly amused.


I excel in helping people relive spectacular moments from their past.


Schoolmarm/student, Mother or Aunt/misbehaving child, Boss/Employee, Spouse or Girlfriend/unfaithful or unsuspecting partner, Neighbor Lady/naughty boy


“Kidnapping” Role-Play-

Beautifully choreographed and expertly executed….
(Available for overnight sessions only with 1/2 of session tribute required as deposit)

Tease and Denial-

A true art-form to say the least and one I specialize in…. Denial can be so very sweet.