Learn about Mistress’ Interests…
My tastes for play are as intense and diverse as my other passions in life. I recommend you take the time to review my interests on the pages below to ensure we are well suited for one another prior to contacting me.


Should your interest not be listed you may inquire; however, know that I do not take sessions which I do not feel passionately about. First, it insures we both have an incredible time and second, life is simply too short to not be treasured. Should you find your interest on my “Not Interested In…” list, I ask that you be as respectful of my boundaries you would like me to be of yours and refrain from requesting sessions of these nature.


On that note; my list of “Non-Interests” is short so take heed and know that these limits are FIRM. – No sex, No “pegging”, No nudity on my part, No scat, No ruby, No Intimate Body Worship, No Medical play involving penetrative exams

– MENTAL –                – MEDICAL –
– PHYSICAL –              – FETISHES –

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