Hours of Tickle Torture….

Mistress Shae,

Foremost I would like to say Thank You. I wanted to write you while everything was fresh in my head, but it took a  day and a half to be able to focus enough to write anything that didn’t sound like rambling. That was the most excruciatingly amazing time, and what seemed like the longest and yet shortest few hours of my life. It takes a while afterward to appreciate everything for what it was. I find it ironic that at the time, I wanted nothing more than for it to stop, yet in hindsight I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way. Which leads me to a bit of a person mind fuck I’ve yet to work out.

I’d like to think my personality judging ability is that good, or maybe I’m just lucky. You have an amazing personality, not to mention sense of humor (and a great taste in music for that matter) and sense of professionalism that I really doubt I could have found with anyone else. I’m really pleased that you were the one to push me to experience things at a completely new level, and again Thank You.

For the bad news, I just found outI’ll be deploying the 14th for 9 months. But I promise you will probably begetting an email the day I get back.



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