The Perfect Domme

“Dear Mistress Shae Flanigan,

I had an incredible wonderful time.  It was truly the best session I ever had.  Please note that the Domme I saw for several years and had a great connection with, was wonderful, but not as special as you. I think the best part was the fact that you were so genuine, when you looked me in the eyes and asked if I understood that you could do something to hurt me and that you might do it, I knew you could and that you just might.  It was fantastic. I was actually pretty sure you would not injure me, but I also knew you might well push the envelope.  It was very exciting, and just what I dreamed about.

There are so many things I would like to say to you, but I think that it would be what you have heard a 1000 times before from a man that found a fantastic woman.

I am not sure which part of the session I liked better, the actual session or just talking to you after we stopped playing.  I am very sure I could talk to you for several hours, and then wish I could talk to you several more hours.

You are a truly fantastic woman, and the perfect Domme for me. I am sorry I did not reply sooner, and I was going to write to you the night we met.

I think that the next time we play I would like for you to plan the session for what you want.  The first time was so great, that you took control from the beginning.  I find it great that we are not following a script.  It is much more exciting that I do not know what will happen next.  For the last session, the gas mask was great, but it was actually quite a challenge for me.  The difficulty getting a lot of fresh air was definitely a challenge and as such it was a fantastic challenge.  I would not have changed anything, you really pushed my limits and all I could think of was pleasing you.  I think if you had sliced me up quite a bit with the knife, I would have loved it.  Although I am sure I would have regretted it later when I might have to explain the scars.

I still wish you would consider seeing me outside of the dungeon, I could spend hours with you just talking.

Well beautiful Mistress Shae Flanigan, I want to tell you I had the time of my life with you on Tuesday night.  I wish I could see you every day for the rest of my life.

Your humble servant,


Only You

“I really didn’t think that me e-mailing on such short notice would have worked with both of our busy schedules, but somehow, I was able to stop in for an hour. An hour is usually the amount of time it takes for me to be tickled thoroughly, get slightly bored and desensitized, and then leave. What I learned from our session is that I’ve never been properly tickle tortured until I found you. In our session, I was never desensitized, never bored, and could barely stand your fingers and nails all over me.

I consider myself a tickling purist, so to actually be tickled by a woman with a real tickling fetish was 100% noticeable. I’ve never been in such inescapable (yet weirdly comfortable) bondage. I’ve never had my heart beat that hard in anticipation. If i didn’t already make it clear: I lost my mind. The tickling was nonstop and it did NOT take long for you to find all of my buttons. You found the exact amount of pressure to use on my ribs to dig in but not hurt me (too much), the right amount of tickling to make me scream (something I do not do). I’m usually the alpha male in my life, so it was fun to be ridiculed and laughed at. When you found the ticklish spot under my chin and along my neck, I thought for sure I was going to cry.

I will definitely return for a longer session, even though I legitimately fear it. You know my weaknesses better than ever now, and even more after our chat post-session. Thank you for taking care of me and setting the bar way too high so I’ll never be happily tickled again until I come see you.

– N”


New Travel Plans and Other Goodies!

Yes, I know I just returned home, but plans are in the works for my l0ng promised trip out to New York City (as promised) for October 7th – 10th and for Chicago immediately after for the 11th – 14th.

If you would like to schedule time with me in either of these cities, please call or email as soon as possible as my schedule tends to fill quickly.

Should Chicago fill up, I may extend another day to include Tuesday the 15th, this of course entire depends on you so get your names in my appointment book asap.

In other news, the ROMP, Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather contest was a huge success! Congratulations to Eli and Colt our new Mr. and Ms. respectively. I know they will serve the San Diego community brilliantly and I hope they each have an excellent year with laughter, friendship and knowledge, and fun.

The next even taking me out of town is the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco at the end of September, so until then I will be available for and accepting sessions in both LA and San Diego.

Take care everyone and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Mistress Shae Flanigan


PS – I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of my participation in one of the contestant’s fantasy segments.



Getting Down and Dirty at OCC

Flogging, STIs and condoms are just a few of the topics at Awareness Day.

Photo by Sarah Borean

Beau Nicolette, Staff Writer

Getting down and dirty at OCC

Mistress Shae, professional dominant, preforms the act of flogging on an OCC student during her speech on Sex Education and Awareness day last week.

Free condoms, student floggings, ‘kinky fuckery,’ and the chorus of ‘wrap it up’ set the scene for a successful Orange Coast College Sex Education Awareness Day last week.

The event was an open, honest and mature discussion among young adults — it was not an awkward birds and the bees talk from the parents — it was how sex should be talked about on a hormone-pulsing college campus.

Three workshops held in the Student Center Lounge headlined the event as well-rounded discussions that covered the basic areas of sex — how to do it disease free, how to spice it up and how to do it safely.

In addition to workshops, organizers hosted vendors such as Planned Parenthood and a free STI testing truck and also handed out sex kits from Condom Revolution that included a condom, lube and a coupon to the store.

The first workshop was centered on sexually transmitted infections and the four panelists answered student questions and dispelled the taboo and fear surrounding STIs.

Two of the panelists were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and talked about the infection, how it can happen to anyone without proper prevention and how the disease affects their lives.

“You don’t want the consequences. You don’t want to have to live with this everyday for the rest of your life,” Dana Deross said about HIV infection.

Deross spoke to the room of students honestly about the complications of the disease and echoed the other panelists by addressing protection, prevention and communication as the best ways to avoid STIs.

“What you do as a young person is going to come back and haunt you and bite you in the ass,” Deross said. “I don’t care if you’re going out for a one night stand, wrap it up.”

The theme of protection and communication carried over into the second workshop which was centered on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” book series and how it opened the community of bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism to the general public.

Professional dominant Mistress Shae led the BDSM-based discussion and spoke on how BDSM is not a group of sexual deviants — it is just a different way of expressing sexuality.

“A lot of people think they aren’t kinky, they use distancing language like ‘those people,’” Shae said, “but how many people like to have their hair pulled during sex?”

The mistress talked of sexual energy play and kinky fuckery as students shouted out sexual safe words such as chimichanga and ragamuffin and by the end of the talk, two students were flogged by the tightly-dressed mistress.

Students had their own questions clarified by asking them openly and anonymously and the talk helped dispel one professor’s preconceived notion of BDSM.

“It certainly softened my impression and [showed] that the [BDSM] community is diverse, more diverse than I thought,” Jessica Ayo Alabi, an instructor of sociology and gender studies said.

The talk centered on safety and consent and the mistress reiterated that BDSM requires hard boundaries and constant communication between partners — this  is the key to a safe and sexy BDSM experience, she said.

“The biggest thing is before they advance into more intense forms of play, read books, learn what they’re doing because safety is really paramount to everything. So is consent,” Shae said.

Students brought up fetishes and between nervous giggles delved into the mental and emotional side of sex, what the mistress called energy play.

“It makes the sex and love that much better, because when you add other things, you realize you don’t even need the penetration sex – you realize how mental the sex is,” Kaitlin Hubert, 20, a finance and business legal studies major said.

Sex Education Awareness Day had something for everyone as it made HIV/AIDS more approachable, offered free testing, showed the truth of STIs, taught safety and consent and even helped students spice up their love lives.

“Throw a little vibrating ring in, play a little dress up, take time going into sex, get sexy in lingerie and give him a lap dance, tease the shit out of him when you’re at dinner, make him wait for it,” Hubert said on how to spice up sex.

On My Mind

Ma’am I’m sorry I didn’t connect with you last night. I was travelling yesterday and it was difficult to connect. However when I woke up yesterday you were very much on my mind……when I had my coffee…you were on my mind….when I had my water with lemon….you were on my mind…..and when I took a shower and used a certain bar of soap….you were definitely on my mind.

I won’t be in a position to talk for a few days but you will be on my mind.