No one like you…not even close. – 3.11.2014


Thank you for another fabulous session.

It is always supreme bondage for me.  And your sessions actually build in my memory over time, as I think about them and study pictures. I continue to appreciate how skilled you are. It is just such a treat to spend some time with you, enjoying your beauty ( when I could see) your conversation your presence and best of all being in exquisite tight bondage ( as always).  I really did not challenge this time. Couldn’t get the courage up. Plus we were having such a delightful conversation. ( Loved the music!!!!!)  

Of course you know I have to imagine from your revelation what you look like nude ( I would not be male if I didn’t). But I see you more as a beautiful work of art and sculpture, in a museum or perhaps high end art magazine, nothing less than that.  

I am glad you are finding good causes for you, nothing better than dogs that give so much love.

Thank you once again, just no one like you, not even close. 


The Rush – 5.13.2014

Hi Shae:

It was so nice to speak with today. And, I am so looking forward to seeing you and experiencing that incredible rush with you during our play.  It is beyond exciting for me to venture into the unknown as your faithful, obedient, and “improving” slave.  I simply love it.



I think I express myself better with the written word.:). I know you will totally agree.:)

The Perfect Christmas Gift – 12.25.2013

Confirming our time together is the perfect Christmas card – the 21st is great. 11:30 ish ideal.  I can and will do 3 hours – no matter what. – if that length of time is agreeable to you.

Shae, I am so looking forward to working on the edge as only you, my dear, can do – better than anyone.

Have a good trip to the desert. I will be there also. If a drink arrives at your table, it’s from moi.

Sincere best wishes for the coming year.


My Experience at DomCon LA


My Experience at DomCon LA

My weekend at DomCon LA could not have been any better than it was.  The beautiful thing about Dom Con is that it is filled with professional kinksters and hardcore lifestyle people.  So you get to be around and mingle with some very wise and experienced players.  For me, I also very much enjoyed meeting so many people for whom this is not just a hobby.  It is a path that they have taken as a means of self exploration, connection, and creative expression.  In other words, they do this work with heart.  That is how I try to live and it is quite validating to see many people who are living that way as well.

I cannot even count the number of awesome people that I got to meet this time around.  I was able to do an absolutely beautiful needle scene with Mistress Shae, who is a Sadist and energy player after my own heart.   I have found that I absolutely love needles and am so excited for more of them!  The energy of our scene was quite sweet, which is funny considering that both Mistress Shae and I are known for being rather extreme and dark in our Sadomasochism and edge play.  But when you follow the energy of a scene, it can take you in many directions, and the energy of this scene seemed to called for delicacy, nurturance, and quiet.  She slid each needle in with incredible grace, following the cycle of my breath.  The needles didn’t hurt the way you think they would.  Believe me, they do hurt, but my body accepted them willingly, making the pain something that was welcomed and treasured…and delicious!  I’m hoping that next time I am in LA I can ask her to do a blood cupping scene with me, which is something that I have been desiring for a long time.

I also won Best in Show at the Pet Show for the second time in a row!  I didn’t think I was going to, but apparently my kitty is pretty good.  I still haven’t named my kitty persona yet.  Mistress Whip named her ‘Slinky Kitty’ the first DomCon I went to but I just don’t think that suits her.   The fabulous Lady Jessica was my handler.  Goddess Phoenix was supposed to be my handler, but had an interview the same time as the pet show, and grabbed Lady Jessica at the last minute.  For being caught off guard, Lady Jessica did an awesome job.  She knew just how to lead me so that I still got to show off my kitty qualities, but still keep me well behaved.  We obviously did something right, because I got the blue ribbon!  What what!

There were two other people that I was especially happy to have been able to connect with.  First was Zonah, who was also a guest of Charly B.  We shared a bed together the whole time, so it was good that we both liked each other so much:)  She is an incredible fetish model and a great big  ball of kickass fun.  Did I mention she is a Hottie MacHotterson?  One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t get to shoot with her.  But I know it will happen some day:)The second person was Perry Gallagher.  Perry is a huge fan of my derriere, and that was the beginning of our connection, but conversation seemed to spring forth from that.  Not only is he an amazingly talented photographer, but an extremely nice person.  To both of our chagrin, we didn’t get to shoot either.  It just wasn’t that sort of convention.  But he did give me an amazing spanking on Saturday night!  I still have the bruises to prove it:)  I hope to go back out there sooner than later to shoot and visit with him .

All in all, I made some new connections, nurtured old ones, and learned a great deal to help me on my kinky path.  Can’t wait for next year!


No Shades of Grey

It is crystal clear to the experienced gentleman that Misterss Shae is in a league of her own.  Never in my life have I had an experience like I did with Mistress Shae.  From the moment I saw her she took my breath away and still has it.  Her beauty and demeanor are overpowering and it was an honor to meet her.

To you Misterss Shae, thank you for making every bit of the session perfect. Your attention to detail was amazing and to see you in person, surreal,  Please know I will never forget the sound of your voice, the amazing energy I felt in your presence or how amazingly beautiful you are.  It was a gift to have this experience with you.

Until the next time.

Yours …. m

Testimonials Part II

I’ve received so many wonderful notes from you that I created a second column for ease of browsing.


Everything I Imagined….

Mistress Shae,

You were everything I imagined and the experience was amazing.

Thank you for everything and I hope to see you again soon.


More Than Real

Hi Ms. Shae,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful session I had with you. The atmosphere and the session looked more than real. You made every moment of the session so true and real. Above all, you were very professional from the moment I contacted you to the very moment I walked out of The Academy.

I can’t wait to serve you again.



Happily Marked

Dear Mistress,

i would like to thank You again for the wonderful face slapping and trampling!
Also, i have many black and blue marks on my thighs, chest and the mark on my face is noticeable.
 Thank You again.



LA Footnight Review

Hello Shae.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you what a pleasure it was for me to meet you at Steve’s party. My sessions with you were the highlight of my evening by far!  My opinion is that our chemistry was fantastic; I really enjoyed the shared energy between us.

 You have an amazing pair of silky soft, sensuous soles and perfect toes (and I cannot forget those perfectly shaped sculpted legs…wow)!

My good friend Marriah was chatting with me after our session;  she thinks the world of you but I’m sure that you already know that. …she knows that I think your’re wonderful too!

Have a terrific holiday and keep in touch.