Out-Call Sessions

There are times when finding ones way through town and dealing with a hectic schedule is just too much.

For those, I have  chosen to make Out-call Sessions available.

When booking your session, please understand the following rules apply:

– Travel time will be covered at 1/2 tribute for distances longer than 20 minutes (client will be notified when Mistress is en route)

– Out-calls will be accepted in the Southern California Region (unless traveling)

– Mistress will transport herself to and from session, (should paid service be necessary, client will cover costs)

– Minimum session length for out-call is two hours

Newest Testimonials III

Saying that I am touched by all your heartfelt calls and letters of appreciation over the years doesn’t begin to describe the swell of joy I feel when one of your letters is received.

This life is the core of my essence and sharing that passion with others who understand means the world to me.

Take care,


Testimonials Part II

I’ve received so many wonderful notes from you that I created a second column for ease of browsing.


Mistress Gallery


On the following pages you will find images from some of my favorite sessions and scenes at events.

Check back soon for my members area containing never before seen images and clips!


Spanking, Paddling & Caning

Heels, stockings, Boots, Gloves & Feet


Bloodplay – Cutting, Piercing & Cupping

Workshop, Panel & Performance Gallery

Parties & Events



1. Look through Mistress’ Interests and determine what type of session you’re interested in BEFORE contacting Mistress Shae.
2.  Email Mistress Shae with a polite session request. Ensure you message contains your name, interest(s), experience level, location and availability. Messages received without all of the above will be deleted. 
Once approved, submit your deposit of $50 via Amazon Gift Card to  mistress.shae@gmail.com to lock-in your session time.
4. Clients scheduling appointments will receive directions to session confirmation information once their deposit has been received.

*Be no more than 5 minutes early or late to your appointment.

– If you become stuck in traffic, call to let Mistress know prior to the start of your appointment time.


Appointments are accepted from 2:00pm through the evening.

In-call Appointments are accepted in San Diego.


Please allow at least  24 hours advance notice for all appointment requests.



– Call Mistress to let her know as soon as you are able.
Deposit refunds will be on a case by case basis.
– Mistress Shae does not tolerate disrespect.
If you cannot be thoughtful enough to cancel your appointment you will not be given a second chance.
There is NO excuse for having the inability to call. 
*Calls will not be answered from unavailable or blocked numbers.




My thanks goes out to each individual making up our Nation’s Armed Forces who work and fight each day so we can enjoy our many individual freedoms.
For each of you I have created a very special Military Discount.
At this time, this Special is ONLY available to Active Duty Personnel so please bring your valid Military ID with you to redeem Discount.
Contact me directly for further details….
**CANNOT be combined with any other special**
(Please confirm total tribute before the time of your session)


It makes me happy to give back to those who help others. So for those who do their part in helping others, please accept my gift to you:
Please bring your charity receipt with you to your next session and receive10% off your total session tribute or the equivalent in time added to your session.
This is my little way of saying thank you for helping create
good in the world.
**CANNOT be combined with any other special**
(Please confirm total tribute before the time of your session)


 Clients who are thoughtful enough to write a testimonial of our time together
on MaxFisch and send Me a link will receive a  “thank you” gift of
10% off their entire next session with me.
**CANNOT be combined with any other special**
(Please confirm total tribute before the time of your session)


Mistress Shae treasures the intensity created during her sessions and insists on discretion at all times; both for herself and for those who see her.

Now that she in getting settled into the Pacific Northwest, the first time in 10 years, Mistress Shae is very particular about who she will receives as a client.

If you are already an established client, Mistress Shae looks forward to seeing you again soon.

Mistress Shae Bio

I am Mistress Shae Flanigan.


I am a Professional and Lifestyle Dominant, BDSM Educator and Alternative Lifestyle Coach. When not in session, I travel around the country teaching classes in BDSM safety, speaking on college panels and helping people find joy and peace in their lives.

I started at Microsoft at 17 and had an excellent career in technology for 10 years. Be very aware that Domination is my career of choice, not chance.
I have lived an active BDSM Lifestyle for more than 18 years and you will find my experience and love of Lifestyle play shows in everything I do, from my passionate fetish scenes to heavy corporal play, this is who I am, through and through.

You will find me to have a warm demeanor and always perfect manners, but make no mistake, I am a Sadist and my sadism finds many forms of expression. Whatever intellectual or physical “hoops” I create for you to jump through, know that it brings me immense joy to watch you grow beyond your previously conceived notions for my pleasure.

Overall, I classify myself as an energy player and thrive off the connection created during play. No matter the skill level of the person involved or the intensity of the session. “Connection” is truly the only thing that matters.
During our time together, escape from the drudgery and stress of your life, open your body, mind and soul to new experiences, sensations and enjoy a completely different form of freedom, through surrender.

Upcoming Travel and Events

Due to Mistress’ busy event, travel, and workshop schedule, calendar coordination can be very beneficial for those wishing to see her.

To ease scheduling woes, Mistress Shae will strive to keep her travel schedule updated below.

 * Please note, I am happy to schedule classes and sessions during my travels but please understand that I do require ample notice to coordinate plans.

Upcoming Travel and Event


– Seattle –

(By Appointment Only)


Los Angeles








Teaching for Kink University

July 20th – 25th

SouthEast LeatherFest


June 18th – 21th

Atlanta. GA

International Ms. Leather  &

International Ms. Leather Conference

April 24th – 28th

San Jose, CA


Folsom Street Fair

Sept 18th & 22nd

San Francisco, CA


 – San Francisco, CA –

July 20th – 25th



September 23rd – Oct 16th



October 16th – 21st



October 21st – 26th


DomCon Atlanta!

“Guest of Honor”!

October 16th – 21st


ROMP Mr & Ms San Diego Leather

August 23rd – 25th

San Diego


Baltic Cruise

July 23th – August 13th


Northwest Trip

June 28th – July 11th
Seattle & Portland

Teaching at MadTownKinkFest!

July 12th – 14th
Madison, WI
June 7th – 11th
Palm Springs


International Ms. Leather

April 18th – 21st
San Francisco
Teaching at Kinky Kollege – Spring Break
April 4th – 9th
Sin in the City
March 1st – 3rd
Las Vegas
January 11th – 13th
January 14th – 17th
November 15th – 18th
“Sploshing for pleasure and pain”
November 20th – 26th
October 25th – 28th
(Traveling for private client booking)
November 8th – 11th
“Violet wand class”  
Kinky Kollege
October 26th – 28th
– San Francisco  –
20th – 24th
–  Emceeing Folsom Street Fair Venus Playground. –
April 26th – May 1st
March 27th – April 2rd
Feb, 13- 15th
– San Diego PRIDE –
July 21st – 22nd
Mr. & Ms. San Diego Leather Contest
August 25th
San Diego


Ms. Los Angeles Leather Contest


January 15th – 19th

Los Angeles, CA


West Coast Olympus Contest

Education Coordinator

August 21st – 23rd

San Diego, CA


Leather HEAT Conference/Contest

April 17th – 19th

Los Angeles, CA


Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest


March 22nd – 29th

Los Angeles, CA


San Diego Pride

Leather Contingent & Workshop Instructor

July 18th – 21st

San Diego, CA


Locked In Latex 4.0

Special Guest

July 26th

Los Angeles, CA




San Diego Mr. & Ms. Leather Contest

August 23rd & 24th

San Diego, CA

Interview on TSR’s ‘Inside Fetish’

(Date and time to be announced shortly)



DomCon LA

May 14th – 18th

Mistress of Ceremonies

Hilton LAX


International Olympus Leather Contest

May 17th


Hilton LAX



Leather Women Conference!

June 5th – 9th

Palm Springs, CA


Los Angeles Leather Contest Week

March 23rd – 29th

Mistress’ Birthday!

April 7th

(No sessions accepted that day!)



Blood Performance at THIRST

November 20th



Teaching Sensory Excess and Overload

Threshold Society

December 7th



Teaching The Hard Fuck

Club X San Diego

December 12th



Mr & Ms Sanctuary Leather 2014

(I am honored to be your Ms. Sanctuary Leather 2014.)

Sanctuary LAX

November 2nd – 3rd




Fetish In The Outfield

Teaching Electricity Play

Palm Springs Pride

November 2nd – 3rd

The Academy’s Grand Opening Party!

June 1st
8:00pm – 1:00am


Performing at Club Bizzare

May 25th
Los Angeles, CA


Teaching Blood Lust Workshop

Next Gen OC
May 4th
Placentia, CA


Guest of Honor
May 8th – 12th
Los Angeles

Ladies In Charge of Kink (LICK)

Guest Speaker
May 16th
Orange County

Teaching Appeasement Games

Threshold Society

May 25th
Los Angeles, CA
Teaching Body Punching
March 15th
Threshold, Los Angeles
Teaching “The Joys of Foot Fetishism and Pervdom”
February 22nd
Femme Fatale Party – Threshold
Los Angeles
Judging Mr. Oil Can Harry’s Leatherman Contest
February 15th – 17th
Los Angeles
Palm Springs Leather Pride
November 8th – 11th
Palm Springs

July 20th  2012

“A Rope Workshop for People who Hate Rope”
Dungeon Servitus
June 7th -11th 2012
Presenting “The Hard Fuck” – Embracing and mastering the art of the mind fuck”
DESIRE Women’s only Leather Conference
Palm Springs

SSSS Conference

Dr. Suzy Block Cocktail Reception

April 21st, 2012

“Piercing and Blood Play Demo”


LA Xposed Kinky Carnivale
March 17th 2012
Blood Lust Performance


Threshold Society
Blood Lust Class (Part 2 of 2)
Feb. 18th, 2012
Blood Lust  Class (Part 1 of 2)
Dec. 10th, 2011
Threshold Society, Los Angeles, CA
International Ms. Leather Contest
Presenting “The Hard Fuck”
– Embracing and mastering the art of the mind fuck”
Hands on Flogging
The Hard Edge
Jan. 27th – 29th, 2012
Weekend Workshops for Advanced players ONLY
Presenting “WTF?! A Journey from A – Z”
Assisted by Boy Bryan Teague
San Diego, CA
Interview on the Rev Mel Show!
Nov. 21st, 2011 


Personal Fetishes

Body Manipulation: I enjoy seeing how I am able to alter the appearance of My form and figure with wardrobe, heels, corset, bust-lines, etc. I take excellent care of my body from head to toe and I love molding it into a hundred different forms and shapes…. I’ve been a chameleon my entire life and love every opportunity to play.
Vintage Lingerie and Dresses: bodices, stockings, braziers, girdles, cinchers, garter-belts, gloves, hats, and pin-up skirts and dresses. My “Mommy Dearest” and “Auntie” sides are somehow all very sexy women stuck in a 1940’s – 1950’s time warp and insist on proper disciplinary measures.
Leather: Whether it be gloves, panties, garters, boots, heels, hats, coats, dresses, bras, corsets, shirts, skirts, pants, suspenders, or anything else you can dream of, my fetish knows few bounds. I have an outstanding array of items and am always looking to add new pieces to my collection.
Heels/Boots: Certainly not all, but when I see the right heel, or the right cut of boot, the way it accents the high arch in my foot and my perfect toes or has a brilliant accent that catches my eye without being gaudy; suddenly I find myself in love.
Stockings: Sheer black back-seem especially…. there is something about the way I feel when I wear them and the precision it takes for the seams to be perfectly straight.
Tickling: To say that I have a huge tickling fetish would be an incredible understatement. I can, and will, (quite gleefully) tickle someone incessantly for hours and hours on end laughing maniacally the entire time.
Blood: The core of our essence. When someone shares this most precious of gifts with me it is a huge honor I don’t take lightly.
Tears: In the right situations, tears are incredibly sexy, plain and simple.