Play Piercing Class


I LOVED the piercing class last night!!!

I REALLY want to thank you for making my first play party fantastic~!!
It was exactly what I needed as my catalyst for the next classes and parties to come! You made it perfect!

Thank you, Mistress!!!


Messy Play (Sploshing) with Mistress Shae

I believe it was best said to me by Mistress Shae herself.  “We in the BDSM world find something we like and continue to branch off like that of a tree”.  My name is irrelevant to any one out there for this article, but who I am is a player in the world of BDSM, a player who is willing to not only try different things, but a player who seeks to be owned and controlled by Mistress Shae.

Searching the net looking for things in our world I came across Mistress Shae’s webpage and knew not only then was she what I was looking for, but she was one Mistress with exquisite taste and dominating beauty.  Looking at her page day after day and emailing back and fourth we finally set a date for a session.  However it was not until later in our meetings that I enquired about messy play. The picture on her page shows Mistress Shae with a wickedly delicious smile and a helpless soul covered in an array of foods, sauces and other assortments.

Mistress Shae informed me that not only was this one of her favorite types of play, but it was one of her absolute specialties.  Mistress Shae and I discussed a meeting a few times and to be honest each time she kept answers to a bare minimum and actually giggled about it.  As saying has it “curiosity killed the cat”.  I was the cat and about to be killed.

Entering the dungeon and being instructed to get undressed, get in the shower, and put on the blindfold was where I realized my world was about to become very, very, messy.  The anticipation was killing me.  Hearing Mistress tap around in her heels outside the door, entering with what sounded like an ice cream cart that of a vendor in the streets I knew I was in for some kind of ride.  My heart was racing and I had no idea what to expect.  Minuets passed by, but seemed like hours and all the while I could her Mistress moving things around, opening things, and her evil laughter telling me “almost there slave be patient”.

I could hear Mistress right in front of me, but could see nothing and then I heard “open your mouth”! As a substance was poured over the top of my head and rubbed in I could feel it slowly work its way down my face and into my mouth.  I will not tell you what it was for that would spoil the secrets of the substances. However, I will tell you that some pull and tug on your skin slowly while others glide like a skate on ice. Mistress always starts high above you and lets each substance work its way over your entire body.  Moreover each one has its own characteristic on how it reacts with you and your body.  After a little time trying out new items Mistress Shae kicks into high gear and gives you no warning for what is about to occur.  The only thing I can tell you is two substances were combined and it was a feeling of frozen volcanic activity if there is such a thing.  My body had a feeling all over it that I never felt before and then a shaking occurred.  Don’t worry people nothing harmful, well only that evil laugh of Mistress teasing and taunting you in everyway imaginable.  Your body actually becomes a canvas for Mistress to craft her artwork on.  And honestly I must say I was so proud to not only be humiliated by Mistress Shae, but to actually become a work of art for her.

Messy play with Mistress Shae is just that, Messy Play.  The scene itself is very erotic in ways of loosing your senses and you having to use others to survive the game.  Mistress Shae will lead you the way and help you explore the full ride.  Her soft touch and sensual rubs will keep you wanting more, however her wickedness will keep you on edge the entire time.  I tried my best to put into words what it is all about, but I do not want to spoil any secrets for anyone wishing to explore this type of play.  Mistress Shae was a delightful teacher and mentor in the scene. Well as delightful as she could be. Let’s be honest people this is not a game for your amusement you are a canvas for Mistress and her canvas is about to get real messy.
Open wide slave!!

Morrigan’s Night In A Cage

Dear Mistress Shae,

Thanks again for an exquisite evening Wednesday.  The eight hours I spent in your cage were just as memorable as you promised; the two hours we chatted afterwards were even more so.

Whatever thread your Morrigan may loom, I do hope you’ll loop an end & lasso me sometime.

— K

Blood Lust Performance Write Up

Ok, you waited for the dish! (I’ve been too crazy busy the last five days to even go on the computer very much…!)

I went to Tara Indiana’s birthday bash (cutely named ‘Cinderfella’ party and ‘Slave Olympics’.) I was going there to meet my friend, a sub/slave who I will nickname “Sub K” who I had the pleasure of playing with many months before when I was still at DD. We kept tabs on one another through Fetlife, and he is a very good soul – honest, honorable – a very good fellow who has the best intentions regarding everyone. We need more people like that…not malicious selfish hearts that corrupt and steal and tear down.

So, wanting to reconnect in person (as well as see Shae Flanigan in work… she was using Sub K in a presentation called “Blood Lust”) I asked for my complimentary invitation. I showed up in all red latex outfit, so tight that it felt more like a corset than a dress. There was a black lightning bolt slashed across it and long black gauntlets with bolts striking down at my palms. Very stylish indeed.

There at the party I met several other Mistresses, including my quite hearted Goddess Helena — as well as some past clients who were wondering where I was since I left DD (I got the distinct impression everyone thought I left the scene just because I don’t shout my existence every day across the internet… interesting.)

A little wine and one Cybil Troy-starred torture video later, I watched as Shae Flanigan took the nervous Sub K (who was jumpy around needles) and proceeded to cut him with needles in such an intricate quiet way, the whole experience felt spiritual. There was no horror, no nausea, just rapt attention as everyone hushed and watched with intense interest.

When she took out suction cups and applied them to cuts (creating a pool of blood in each cup), I watched with gross fascination as the blood rose higher and higher in each cup; one was almost overfilling with it. Sub K was silent, barely moving. Shae had all her attention on him. It was like the audience didn’t exist.

Amazing. Just amazing. This from a person whose hard limits are needles and blood — I couldn’t take my eyes away from the scene.

She took away the cups and the blood spilled all over Sub K’s back – he was crimson, as crimson as a Yakuza tattoo all over his back. With her gloved hands, she spread the blood all over, painting him like an artist.

In the end, it was absolutely mindblowing. I had seen her operate once before… at Dom Con LA that year doing a presentation on mindfucking. It was an unorthodox class — there were no notes, no pens, no boards… it was just her with two submissives and just blowing everyone’s mind in the room. I told her that I thought she was (and is) amazing. She responded by saying that she did needle play for five years (but the first fifteen only observed? I was a bit drunk at this point and couldn’t retain whether if it was fifteen, twelve, or ten. I’m positive it’s one of the three numbers…)

I think that’s amazing and smart and just absolutely the right way of going about it. Observation and learning from practice and theory…these are all important things for a dominant. You can’t jump in and expect to be perfect or experienced right off the bat… especially for dangerous edge play like blood, needles, etc. I admire Shae for being the type of pro-Domina I don’t see much of in the Scene: a practical, wise one that is classic AND classy.

I left the party around 1:30a. I had a photoshoot to get to in the morning, not to forget a 6 hour session with Sub K (what a slut!) I did meet wonderful Mistresses:

-Mistress Eva, who sessions at Den of Iniquity
-Goddess Helena, who is a very wonderful Domme. Intelligent and well spoken, and very experienced.
-Tara Indiana, who is a gracious host and grand-Domme.
-Mistress Cybill B. Troy
-And a few others.. I am terrible with names!

I also met a few subs over there. One of which needs to call me soon. You know who you are!

Whips and chains,
Veronica Volt

Amazing Call

First off THANK YOU. That truly was an amazing call with you today.  I truly appreciate your thoughtful and caring approach to what you do and furthermore thank you for taking the time to make sure we were EXACTLY on the same page.

I know when we do meet – unlike others in the past – our session will live up to the expectation (and most likely surpass it).


Anyway thank you again. You sound amazing, you look amazing and most importantly you think amazingly.

I can’t wait to put my little sissy self in your care.

All the best,


“Laying Garlic Eggs” At The NYC Halloween Violent Fem Party

(Thank You Letter Sent to Mistress Veronica)
Thank you for another awesome party. It once again seemed to be a big success, and I know I had fun.
It was great meeting Shae and seeing everyone there. It was particularly nice seeing you again.
Of all that occurred, the most lasting effect came from that fish thing you were using! I have bruises on my thighs from that thing! ! Of course, some of it could also be due to Alex’s boots, but I don’t think those are what make the marks, I thing it was that darn fish! I like the way the marks look, I think they’re awesome.
I’ve washed the tights twice, and I think I can still detect a garlic smell!
I think you missed something that happened at the end of the night, just as I was saying goodbye to the crowd outside.
As I turned to leave a large clove fell out from somewhere, I have no idea where. Everyone saw it and said that I was now laying garlic, like a chicken lays eggs.
I picked it up to throw it away but Shae told me to put it in my mouth. Then she made me chew it, and swallow it.
She stood right next to me so that she could hear the garlic being crunched in my teeth, and watched closely to make sure it was swallowed.
That was really aweful.
No matter what I did (brush teeth, floss, mouthwash, whiskey), I tasted that garlic all night — every time I breathed.
Still, it was memorable!
Great party!
Thanks again.

Hours of Tickle Torture….

Mistress Shae,

Foremost I would like to say Thank You. I wanted to write you while everything was fresh in my head, but it took a  day and a half to be able to focus enough to write anything that didn’t sound like rambling. That was the most excruciatingly amazing time, and what seemed like the longest and yet shortest few hours of my life. It takes a while afterward to appreciate everything for what it was. I find it ironic that at the time, I wanted nothing more than for it to stop, yet in hindsight I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way. Which leads me to a bit of a person mind fuck I’ve yet to work out.

I’d like to think my personality judging ability is that good, or maybe I’m just lucky. You have an amazing personality, not to mention sense of humor (and a great taste in music for that matter) and sense of professionalism that I really doubt I could have found with anyone else. I’m really pleased that you were the one to push me to experience things at a completely new level, and again Thank You.

For the bad news, I just found outI’ll be deploying the 14th for 9 months. But I promise you will probably begetting an email the day I get back.





Again thank you for a great time last night.  Definitely a very different energy in session with you than any other session I’ve been in. I’ve never really been myself with a domme before.  I think I showed you my true colors – sarcastic and witty and most importantly playful and game.

First off, since I know everyone likes compliments (myself included) I have to say you are MUCH prettier than your pictures suggest.  Not to say you don’t look beautiful in your photos, which you do, but you are truly stunning in person.  So you have that going for you…. Your sense of playfulness and sense of humor immediately put me at ease – and I think this was good for a first time session.

No doubt our bevy of emails leading up to our night made things between the two of us slightly more familiar.  You’re pretty good at the email thing too. 😉 I wasn’t sure what to totally expect with you, but I knew it would be unlike any session I have had before.  As mentioned, I’ve seen dommes in the past, but never one who was your intellectual equal – and that is a huge part of this for me.  I feel like I can imagine any scenario and I am quite capable at anticipating as well which way the roller-coaster will usually twist and turn – this time I truly didn’t know when to grab the safety bar and hold on for dear life!  I enjoyed the dress-up, and the finished product (me), and you left me wondering things like: “how far I could go with this whole sissy thing?”  “Could I pass with the right sissy dress or maid’s uniform?”  “Where does this lead and how far am I willing to go to be a true sissy?”  I don’t have the answers to these questions yet, but want to find out more and I think you’re the right person to show me.

I was thinking more about our time together last night and this morning and it was really interesting as this wasn’t a session where I shut down and become a quiet and compliant little plaything, but now that I am several hours removed from it I trust your instincts that this was the right first step to my subservience and conversely your dominance.  What I mean is, the other dommes that I’ve seen come in wielding a crop and a will and coldly tell me I’m “lowly c….” and then order me around etc, but in the end it feels fase.  What I am coming to learn is that the verisimilitude of the scene relies more on the psychological dominance exerted more than the ability to slap on some cuffs and crack a whip (which ps I’m sure you more than capable of expertly doing). To get to that level it takes the time to build a trusting relationship where I am able to allow myself to fall into that space within someone else’s world. What I’m trying to say is: for the level of gratification that I need, having a singular domme in an ongoing relationship is what I need and covet.  Yes, this is a long way of saying I will be scheduling with you again.  🙂

I hope my thoughts weren’t too rambling, but I’m still awash in the glow of last night.

yours for the foreseeable future,


On My Mind

Ma’am I’m sorry I didn’t connect with you last night. I was travelling yesterday and it was difficult to connect. However when I woke up yesterday you were very much on my mind……when I had my coffee…you were on my mind….when I had my water with lemon….you were on my mind…..and when I took a shower and used a certain bar of soap….you were definitely on my mind.

I won’t be in a position to talk for a few days but you will be on my mind.



I  never did ask what I should call you- so I’ll just call you often. 🙂

I had a delightful time this evening, thank you again. You’ve a beautiful smile and an even more beautiful personality. I look forward to seeing you again. And you know? Life stepped in a let me see you in your natural state and I’ll always cherish that.

Though, you really are wicked beautiful in a corset. 🙂

I’ll try to stop staring at your small hands. They’re quite nice too.

Kind Regards,